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An Integrative Healthcare Weight Management Solution.

We have developed a turnkey, low maintenance, easy to establish system.

The SlenderCare® System integrates:

      • Physician/patient partnership for weight loss, long-term weight maintenance and well-being
      • Physician administered Class II Medical Device body composition analyzer. 510(K) FDA cleared, approved CPT codes and hipaa compliant
      • Signature customized meal plans designed by registered dietitians addressing the needs of weight loss, fitness and disease prevention
      • Patient support through a comprehensive internet and mobile platform facilitating a wide array of nutritional and lifestyle counseling
      • Clinically proven products
      • Web-based physician portal to track weight loss, long-term weight maintenance and improvements in a patients health
      • Provider marketing and training

 Weight Management & Wellness Program

A critical physician/patient partnership for long-term weight management and well-being.

Our system is a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers to support patients in achieving and maintaining a healthy BMI and enjoy the health benefits of doing so.

Behavioral issues are important to the discussion of weight loss maintenance. Brief, monthly personal contact between patient and physician or physician assistant has been shown to be more effective in accomplishing weight loss maintenance than other methods of interaction, including Web-based technology.2,3

      • Increased patient visits through the SlenderCare® Provider weight management and wellness program. Either cash patients or insurance patients for over 50 diseases associated with obesity.
      • Physician administered progress tracking and body composition technology. 510(K) FDA cleared, approved CPT codes and hipaa compliant

Our body composition analyzers are registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, and have been used widely in the study of human health.  Here is just a sampling of the use of the analyzers

      • Obesity – To provide specific body composition factor measurements and changes
      • Cancer – To measure fluid, composition and other changes in various cancer types
      • Nephrology- To monitor intracellular, extracellular and total body water changes
      • Diabetes – To measure effects of lifestyle changes on known diabetes risk factors
      • Wasting Diseases – To measure and manage specific changes in body composition
      • Surgery – To better manage postoperative bariatric complications and nutritional status


Patient Support 

We appreciate in a busy practice it can be a challenge to incorporate nutritional and behavioral modification counseling.

Developed by doctors, dietitians and elite athletes our comprehensive Internet and mobile platforms support a wide array of nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Including face-to-face, distance counseling and remote counseling through our mobile app. 

      • Meal plans designed by registered dietitians addressing the needs of weight loss, fitness and disease prevention
      • SlenderCare® mobile app with access to meal plans, nutrient tracker and shopping list
      • Nutrition and weight management counseling
      • Food and exercise log
      • Goal tracking and fitness assessment
      • Educational videos

Customized Meal Plans

Our weight loss plan not only supports healthy weight loss, but also creates long-term healthy nutrition habits, breaking the cycle of food addictions.

      • Signature nutritious meal plans addressing the needs of weight loss, fitness and disease prevention designed by registered dietitians
      • Our wide selection of meal plans enables you to select the appropriate diet for your patients health needs
      • Customized meal plans and shopping lists help your patients achieve their weight loss goals, while learning to shop for nutritious foods, breaking the cycle of food addictions and creating long-term healthy nutrition habits
      • All meal plans and shopping lists can be accessed from the patients computer or smart phone
      • Your patients will not only make positive food selections, but it will save them time and money by reducing waste

Clinically Proven Products

Clinical outcomes compared to diet alone. Subjects lost over twice as much weight per day (.51 lbs p/day) compared to the control group (.24 lbs p/day)

Physical measurements of subjects lost a proportionately larger amount of fat in the waist area as compared to the chest and hips. Confirming the ability of the program to target release of fat stores preferentially in the area of visceral adipose fat. This indicates a regain in glycemic control, thus reversing the progression of insulin resistance (first heralded by the visible increase in visceral adipose tissue, or belly fat), and the pathological risks that would have followed in time.

      • Proprietary herb-based homeopathic weight loss drops (not HCG)
      • Patented Sublingual Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin and supporting co-factors
      • Clinical therapeutic nutritional support

SlenderCareProgress Tracking System (“SPTS”)

Our hipaa compliant web-based progress tracking system facilitates the reporting and monitoring of the short-term and long-term benefits of weight loss.

      • System is accessed via a “Secure Physicians Portal” on your personalized SlenderCare® website
      • Patient weight, body composition, nutritional and additional health information can be recorded.

With a customized SlenderCare® System your practice can:

      • Increase patient visits
      • Help patients lose weight and break the cycle of weight regain
      • Improve your patients overall health
      • Reduce obesity related medical costs
      • Expand your patient base and referrals
      • Increase revenue for your practice


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