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Globally, there are 1.5 billion adults who are either overweight or obese, a number expected to increase to 3 billion by 2030.

Healthcare providers are uniquely positioned to provide overweight and obesity intervention and play a critical role in combating the global overweight and obesity epidemic.

Research has shown that patients who receive weight loss counseling from their healthcare provider lose weight and exercise more.

However, healthcare associations around the world have highlighted the challenges healthcare professionals face due to time constraints and inadequate training; including how to broach the topic of weight issues without causing offense or compromising rapport.

Furthermore, healthcare associations have drawn attention to the current lack of proven interventions. Present solutions have had negligible to limited success in obesity prevention and long-term weight maintenance. This is evidenced in the increasing numbers of overweight and obese individuals, obesity related medical conditions and increasing healthcare costs.

At the AMA national Summit on Obesity Robert Kushner, MD, of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said:

“health professionals have fallen into “clinical inertia” in treating obesity because of inadequate training, time constraints and a lack of proven interventions that sustain long-term weight loss.”
The SlenderCare® system was designed to significantly reduce all of these challenges.

The SlenderCare® system is a comprehensive and integrative approach, combined with a proprietary platform to track weight and body composition, clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness.


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