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 A Randomized, Blind, Placebo-Controlled Cross-Over Study: Exploring the relationship of clinical therapeutic nutrition and an exclusive homeopathic weight loss tincture in relation to visceral adipose fat tissue stores and serum inflammatory markers that indicate risk factors for leading causes of death, including congestive heart disease and hormone-related cancers.

Summary of conclusions

Physical measurements of subjects lost a proportionately larger amount of fat in the waist area as compared to the chest and hips. Confirming the ability of the program to target release of fat stores preferentially in the area of visceral adipose fat. This indicates a regain in glycemic control, thus reversing the progression of insulin resistance (first heralded by the visible increase in visceral adipose tissue, or belly fat), and the pathological risks that would have followed in time.

  • Subjects using our homeopathic formula lost just over twice as much weight per day (.51 lbs p/day) compared to subjects on the diet only (.24 lbs p/day).
  • Approximately 90% of subjects achieved their weight loss objective during the study compared to none of the control group subjects. This finding suggests that the faster weight loss weight, with less physical discomfort, improves the discipline required to maintain a weight loss program.
  • Of the 10% who did not reach their 12 week projected weight goal, the subjects were only 1.6 pounds to 3.8 pounds short of study projections.
  • Subjects taking the complimentary energy product in conjunction with the homeopathic formula had a significantly higher rate of weight loss per day.
  • Subjects who also used the complete line of nutritional products and the energy product reported the greatest amount of energy and focus, and had the highest rate of weight loss in all groups.
  • Subjects taking the homeopathic formula also reported increased energy and sense of well-being compared to individuals on diet alone.
  • Subjects taking a placebo reported significant hunger, low energy and intolerance to exercise, in between meal headaches, and difficulty around others eating food.
  • No single subject taking the homeopathic formula and the energy product combined reported mild to moderate headaches, fatigue and symptoms of detoxification or withdrawal from processed foods within the first week.

Most subjects showed elevated levels of HS-CRP, triglycerides, VLDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, fasting insulin, serum glucose, HbA1C, and depressed levels of HDL and vitamin D.

  • Statistically significant improvement occurred for all subjects taking the homeopathic formula and the nutritional products in addition to diet and exercise across all measures. These results suggest metabolic recovery and turning toward systemic homeostasis, thereby decreasing the risk factors for the secondary diseases of obesity, heart disease and cancer.
  • Triglyceride levels of all subjects taking the homeopathic formula and the nutritional products significantly improved. There average subject experienced a statistically significant decrease of triglyceride levels of (p<.0005).
  • Visceral adipose fat tissue stores and serum inflammatory markers that indicate health risk were improved.
  • Serum Measures related to Cholesterol and Triglycerides were significantly improved.
  • The cardiac Inflammation metric HS-CRP was significantly reduced and blood sugar levels related to Glucose, HbA1C and Insulin were also improved.
  • Within the 12 week period the average increase in HDL cholesterol of 15% brought 90% of subjects within optimal range in all groups. This was also significant (p<.0005) suggesting a reduction in risk of all cause death from chronic degenerative disease.

Finally, physical, psychological and emotional changes in the subjects were observed. Subjects losing weight at an increased rate noted increased enthusiasm, energy, and confidence. The psychological impact of being empowered

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